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Cindy Lenig Cossu

Board Vice President

Cindy Lenig Cossu is a long-term Gresham, Oregon resident who has served on various art committees including being a founding member of Mt. Hood Art Guild and serving on the Gresham Art Committee. Professionally, Cindy succeeded on Senior Management boards as a skilled leader, consultant, and educator in various industry sectors. She brings years of experience to the board in organization development, education, project management, administration, coaching, and overall operations resulting in building vital infrastructure.

Cindy’s true passion is as an artist and instructor. She is best known for her vibrant contemporary acrylic paintings portraying both realism and playful impressionism. Cindy has been creating, drawing, painting, and exploring art since childhood. She studied art at Lewis and Clark College graduating with a Political Science degree. Cindy completed a Masters of Education from Concordia and graduate studies focusing on Training and Development from Portland State University. Cindy is a life-long learner and continues to develop skills professionally and artistically.

Cindy believes the arts are fundamental to a thriving community and is committed to serving, working, and supporting the accessibility of the arts.

Cindy Lenig Cossu
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