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About Spirit of Gresham

Center For The Arts Foundation, founded in 2005, serves Gresham and East County communities, in its

mission of advocacy and resources for an enriched, vibrant, arts and culture environment of creativity

and opportunity.

In launching “Spirit of Gresham” in 2024, the Foundation is expanding its vision of community

enrichment, and community vibrancy as one of the City of Gresham’s Strategic Goals. Under Spirit of

Gresham is the vision of new opportunities for artists, performers and cultures to bring their talents and

experiences to more and significant community events.

We believe in the transformative power of the arts to empower individuals and communities, and to inspire positive change.

Our Mission

Here's how we build community

Calendar of

  • Community Arts

  • Events &

  • Cultural Activities

this calendar is open to all community submissions!

Opening opportunities for expression of artistic creativity in East County

dude sketching.

How you Thrive in this Community

Being active in your community is the best way to thrive and help one another grow.

Here are events we invite you to participate in

  • Festival of Arts in Gresham

  • Music Mondays

  • Wednesday Music in the Parks

  • Winter Holiday Events

Explore the opportunities of Volunteering, Sponsoring or being a vendor at these exciting events!

Support the Spirit of Gresham Today!

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